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Start your trade analysis with Nirvana's OmniTrader Pro 2018 - the ultimate trading technical analysis software. Experience the secure, reliable and accurate trading environment. Order Now! Get delivered in 24 hours!

Improve your trading this year!  
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OmniTrader Pro [Created by Nirvana Systems Inc.] is a must-have tool for the professional  & serious trader. This tool helps you take your decision confidently as this it will help you run your strategies before you make your live trading. If you are new to OmniTrader don't confuse your self by taking  OmniTrader as a broker, this tool always helps you analyze the trade and at the same time, you can use the OmniTrader pro to place your trade (order) to your broker directly.  There is a part of this software named OmniPilot can be used to connect with your broker. Not Only connecting to your broker, but this tool also helps to make your trading automated when you are confident about your strategies. At the same time you can connect to any data-feed to analyze the trading, but at the same time, the OmniTrader have Omni Data for live and historical market data. AmpleTrader helps you buy the software and other trading tools at the best price over the internet. We also provide training for Forex using our blog and youtube channel for free! So learn and earn!

Let us know more about OmniTrader in more details. OmniTrader Pro is one of the best powerful mechanical trading software for any type of trading like futures, forex, and commodities. First understand why you should buy this software, what are the feature it provides and all that you might need to know about this software, Let's start! OmniTrader is created by Nirvana Inc. a well-known organization in trading research for the last two decades! OmnTrader software gives you the freedom to program the trade according to your requirements and strategies. This software has more than 200 built-in powerful Indicators & Systems along with over a hundred powerful strategies to help the beginner to experts. This software always provides you an accurate graphics, which is key to take your decision during trading.  As a mechanical software its automatically place your trades to directly to your broker using the omniPilot(Automatically place your trade as per your strategies). You can always test your strategies before you go for live trading without any limitation; it’s all in your control. Nirvana provides you access to their forum and training so that you can master the software besides mastering the trade.

Following Features you will get from this software:


OmniTrader includes tools to analyze the market right out of the box. Preconfigured trading strategies and stock scans bring the types of trades that you are looking for the right to your desktop. Just tell OmniTrader what kind of trading opportunities you want, and it will search the market for stocks such as:

• Smooth movers
• Weak stocks showing strength

• Oversold and Turning
• Value/growth stocks


Use chart pattern recognition, apply line studies and see the market better with advanced chart types. OmniTrader’s advanced pattern recognition technology is constantly monitoring your charts to alert you to support/resistance bounces, trend line breaks, and other great trading setups.
Our Non-Time Based (NTB) Charts such as Range Bars, Renko Charts and Tick Charts eliminate noise from the market so that you can concentrate on capturing the big moves.


Practice paper trading, simulate the market or trade in the live market directly from any of your charts. 
Create an unlimited number of paper trading accounts so you can practice trading without risk.
OmniTrader delivers advanced trading simulators to let you practice trading any market - intrada
y or after hours.

Dynamic optimization

In automated trading, the power to trade with confidence using dynamic optimization, optimization can generate the best and most profitable settings in your strategies. To optimize you can use a period of time in the past, called a "backtest" to find the parameters for trading systems that would have generated the best results.  In that period then you can run the systems using those parameters on forwarding data this gives you the ability to see how well the optimized systems would have performed in real trading.

There are two problems with optimization (once at the beginning). The first is, that the further and further you get away from the optimized period the more chance there is for the personality of the market to change resulting in less profitable signals. The solution to this first problem is to re-optimize but when we do this the optimization process will select completely different parameters resulting in changing signals!

With dynamic optimization, you get the best possible signals because the program is always adapting to the most recent market data and because every signal is generated using the prior incremental range. The signals that are generated will never change using dynamic optimization. OmniTrader is easy once you've defined which strategy features you want to optimize.  Just click the box to use dynamic optimization on the to-do list. That's it even though the program is performing multiple optimizations it's running incredibly fast on the OmniTrader.  You can run system tests hundreds of times faster than the nearest competition and yes dynamic optimization also works on real-time strategies running in real-time dynamic optimization has opened up a whole new world of profitable system trading opportunities and it's only available in OmniTrader 2018.

if you already have OmniTrader Pro old version you can upgrade it from us on 10% less than what Nirvana offer. Please Click here!

  • OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7  Image result for windows 10 supported
  • RAM: 2GB or More
  • HDD: 2 GB free space
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    • 5.00
    • James Vince – Tuesday 12th of December 2017
    This application helped me win the trade. Thank you AmpleTrader to help me purchase at less price! :)
    • 5.00
    • Kaustav Roy – Tuesday 5th of December 2017
    I was new to trading, But now I feel more comfortable with OmniTrader! Thanks to AmpleTrader for sending me regular tips!
    • 5.00
    • Peter Wilson – Tuesday 3rd of October 2017
    This product made my trading easy than before. The only problem I found, its 32 bits only! Please Upgrade it to 64 bits for more speed!
    • 5.00
    • Noha Trump – Tuesday 17th of January 2017
    I thought I was cheated! as AmpleTrader took a bit long time to process my Order, but it was my fault as the email was inside Spam Box! Thank you AmpleTrader for your support!

Q. Is OmniTrader Pro easy to use?

Ans. OmniTrader Pro is the easiest Technical analysis software. Anyone having a minimum computer knowledge likely to handle this software without any difficulties. There is a guide available for each option this software provides. Also, you can learn the usage of the software for free from youtube channel of  AmpleTrader and OmniTrader both. Besides that, you can also ask if you have any doubt regarding the usage of the software.

Q. How Much time it takes to process my order?

Ans. AmpleTrader always keen to deliver your order as quickly as possible! In general, it takes 2 to 3 working days to deliver your product to you.

Q. How do I get my product? Is my product comes with a CD/DVD pack?

Ans. We deliver you the product CD Key/Serial Key along with download link/instruction to your registered email address. We do not send any CD/DVD pack for any product.

Q. Do I get free training for my purchase of OmniTrader Pro?

Ans. We have created valuable resources for the purpose of training of the software and also, trending trading mechanism and strategies. Everyone has access to our youtube channel and our blogs, in which they get free training. The blog and the youtube channel will be free forever. If you have a specific trading related query which our blog/youtube channel doesn't seem, had covered feel free to write us at

Q. How can I get Money back? How much time does it take to get my money back?

Ans. Money back will be initiated to the source of payment, for example, if you have used PayPal to place your order your money back will be initiated to the same source. At any circumstances, AmpleTrader will not provide money back to an alternative source. Once a money request has been made, if the money back stands valid according to the money back policies of AmpleTrader your fund should hit your end within 10 working days. At the same time if your money back requests get disapproved, in such case you should get an email within 2 working days. It is requested to read all policies before making any purchase.

Q. Can I buy OmniTrader Australia from AmpleTrader?

Ans. Yes! you can purchase OmniTrader from Australia without any problem. You always get your product delivered by email.

Q. How can I contribute to OmniTrader Reviews?

Ans.  At present, you can simply write your review to us at . We will validate and post the review at the review page. Please make sure you send us your review [must be in-between 40 to 260 words], rating and your name.





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