OmniTrader Reseller in India

OmniTrader India reseller
We are authorised reseller of  OmniTrader (Nirvana systems). We resale Omnitrader in UK and Europe and also in India. You can get a good deal when you make your purchase with us.
The most important part is why you should buy from a reseller? Here are some points to buy:

If you purchasing for the first time you can visit our Product page and purchase the software from us to get 10% complimentary off, while you get other benefits like  Up to 20% off in your second order, Free products from AmpleTrader. When you make the purchase from AmpleTrader you always belong to the winner side.
Before you start purchasing products, we would like to give some reason to buy from us:

•    You always get up to 20% off on any trading product/services which you can never find anywhere else.
•    You get a chance to win free amazing world class trading strategies created by AmpleTrader.
•    You get 24x7 Support if you get into any trouble with purchase.
•    You also get 30 days Money Back Guarantee.
•    Your every question on the products will be addressed by world-class Trading expert
•    We deliver within 72 Hours from the order placed(Faster than any other website/Purchase center)

We not only resell OmniTrader but also built strategies which trusted by big hedge fund manager, Trading Expert, Individual trader to predict the market ahead of anyone. Our ultimate aim is to help the investor to get maximum out from the market. We are sure you will love to purchase the products which we resell and also like to know more about our own developed strategies. Please visit our products section to find the products you are looking for. if you have any question or confusion while purchasing your products feel free to contact our live chat agents.

Our live chat agents are capable to help you find the best resource you are looking for.

Find the products section from the Menu bar or you can also visit here: Products.

You can search the products by typing the name of the product in the search bar on the top, or you can use the category section to find your products quickly. If you are still having any trouble feel free to contact chat agent or you can also mail us at for your sales related query. For support, you can write to us at

Things you should know about OmniTrader:

This platform provides you the freedom of choosing your broker, You can develop your own method to crack the market, Many ready-made Indicators, systems, and strategies that come with the platform for free.  Moreover, you will get accurate charts, a forecast which is always known to be the key for a Trading analysis software. We, always recommend OmniTrader as we have done extensive research and helped thousands of traders using the platform since 2003. Feel free to contact us at any query regarding the platform we will be always there to help you.


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