What is OmniTrader ?

What is OmniTrader ? - Know all about this software

What is OmniTrader ?

OmniTrader is now over 15 years into the market, This software provides you with accurate charting option, you can feed data of live market in order to take your trading decisions. This article is completely focused on making you aware of this software and the facility this software provides you. Of course, I assume you have the knowledge of trading and you are looking for a technical analysis software or an automatic trading software! If you want to learn about trading you can read our other blogs under the "Training" category.


In this article I am going to explain the following parts: 


·         Introduction to OmniTrader

OmniTrader is a more conventional trading runs in your computer. Originally a product of the Nirvana Systems, OmniTrader is by far the most popular trading software in the world for automatic trading in Forex and stock market trading in the world.

If you are well aware about automatic trading then you know it well how the utilities of robots. Robots can bring you huge profits. OmniTrader users can also use the trading skills to work and develop their own trading robots or custom technical indicators.


·         Feature of OmniTrader

1.Accuracy of Signals

When you are trading with OmniTrader, you have great  Trading Strategies your way, like  finding key reversals, explosive breakouts and trending opportunities.

The Strategy Engine  of Omni Trader runs  hundreds  times faster than any other automatic trading software available, this gives you the opportunities across thousands of stocks.

2.Adaptive Reasoning Model

An unique trading software OmniTrader, conducts its  buy and sell based on “personality of each security in a given list. This feature is based on Adaptive Reasoning Model (ARM ).

3.Intuitive Chart Interface

At Omni Trader you have the most user friendly charts. The interface functions exactly as expected by you, making your navigation  pain free. Additionally, in-built slider controls helps in adjusting  the charts concurrently, thus  you can  change your view while keeping the charts synchronized.

4.Pattern Recognition

The in-built patterns spontaneously identifies chart patterns. Drawing and labeling the pattern  instantly.A click can help you interpret the pattern easily.Additionally, you can also trace the past instances of pattern identification.


·         Type of trading analysis you can perform

OmniTrader is very much focused on Technical Analysis. This type of analysis is the most popular trade analysis among beginners and advanced alike. Technical analysis is very much associated with price movement or exchange rate. Another striking feature is that it is based on the fact that historical price moves can be a determinant of future price moves because history is supposed to repeat itself.

There is a wide range of software and tools they are available in the market at your disposable but OmniTrader is the most effective and popular. It has been successful in providing great opportunities in the trading market.


·            Built-in Indicators, Systems, and Strategies


Indicators help you to identify the exact points for loss and gain. Tried and tested ways are used to ascertain the most ideal strategy. The strategies help you to reach your target profit point in your trade.These strategies are tested against certain indicators keeping in mind a trade.

·         Options of Data Feed

This Help you connect many data feed option, You have The Omni Data by default, but you can also connect any popular data feed.


·         Connecting to Brokers

Integrated Brokerage is a key advantage to Omni Trader Users.  OmniTrader Professional provides the innovative tools needed to execute and plan your trade.Nowadays,on-line brokerage have given way  to traders to trade any market from any part in the world. Omni Trader have advanced themselves on this perspective.Otherwise, that you may require a separate technical analysis program before purchasing OmniTrader that you needed to switch on in between trades. OmniTrader Professional with Integrated Brokerage has eliminates all  middle-men, giving you the authority to place trades with just a  mouse click. Trade Plans in OmniTrader Professional help you manage your trades efficiently. You get to execute your Trade Plans automatically in place and your and according to your plan. Either you choose to place more trades or simply wait for the right opportunity.


·         Reasons to buy this software

1.      Omni Trader is designed to act on real-time market data and price quotes.

2.      Omni Trader is connected with various trading platforms.


3.      Backtesting is carried out to judge the strategy’s realism and success or failure and changes required.


4.      OmniTrader is integrated with trading softwares. It can be connected to the brokers for a direct or indirect trade exchange.



·         Available Versions

1.      Xpress

2.      Standard

3.      Real time

4.      Professional


·         Usability & Training Option

Omni Trader University gives you the opportunity to learn like a pro and take your trading to the next level. With a accommodating schedule to fit in Omni Trader welcomes individuals across the globe. With relevant course materials and interactive sessions you learn A-Z of trading. Apart from that you get an access to a web portal where you can interact with your instructor as well as students all over the world.;

  1. Actual Trading Methods with more focus on practical trading.
  2. Course at a very reasonable price.
  3. Course materials like CDs and Workbooks provided with every course.
  4. Access to an Interactive, classroom trading experience
  5. Easy deployability into the real trading market.


There is much technical analysis software out there, but OmniTrader is one of the best you can find. First of all this software is very simple to use and easy to understand it's working.

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