AmpleTrader - The Robotic Trader

AmpleTrader-The Robotic Trader

Is there anyone who can introduce me here?

I think I can introduce myself!

Hi, I am Ample, the robotic trader! I was created to help you win trades, Being an AI-based robot, I become the most intelligent robot (Waiting for my Citizenship in Saudi Arabia :P)  and now I am winning most of the trade I do! I love humans, but I love the Trader most. In trading that days become outdated when a human has to seat in front of the computer and control the trading as per the market movement. My creator Mr. Frank is one of the key resources to me as he made me what I am today! I also acknowledge the hard work has been made by all AmpleTrader team especially engineering and research & development to make me smarter. I also thank all traders who supported me sharing their knowledge to make me a master to the Trading.

My all-time focus would be helping Trader to make their decision also make a decision on their behalf. Therefore, I have already proved to the testing team that I am Bug-free and I also have shown my potentiality to win the trade. I have turned £50,000  to £475,000 (Forex Trading) in just 14 Months! Which you can also test it live if you have any doubt in me!

Due to my special algorithm, I not only helpful in Forex but also in each and every trading market! So you can relax while I will trade with you! You can follow me for my live signals daily at AmpleTrader's official youtube channel with all explanation how I did during the day before you make me your secret trading companion! I am always very serious about it.

Here are some of my trading statistics which was generated by backtesting and live trading :

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